Changes to UK traffic rules will protect vulnerable road users / Moto News / BikePost

The motorcyclist is always at increased risk and the highway is no exception. Everything on the road, including the road itself, can harm the biker. Drivers of cars, trucks and other vehicles are often distracted, although most mistakes are due to negligence rather than criminal intent to harm the motorcyclist. It would be good if the road users cared more about each other.

In the UK, they have made important changes to the traffic rules and are going to start implementing the innovations this fall. Changes to the road traffic code define the hierarchy of vehicles, that is, larger vehicles are responsible for the safety of smaller vehicles. All participants are equally responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Heavy trucks will have to protect motorists as much as possible (sedans, sports cars and minibuses), and those, in turn, will keep an eye on motorcyclists. Etc. Motorcyclists follow cyclists, and those follow pedestrians.

The responsibilities of each vehicle category are now more clearly defined, but this will prevent the most vulnerable road users from driving recklessly. Everyone must comply with the traffic rules, but it is very pleasant that the rules stipulate that road users must take care of each other’s safety.

It is interesting how the changes in the code will be observed and supported by the participants in the movement.

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