Ducati Diavel 2015 cruiser with sportbike features

Look at this handsome man – even without getting behind the wheel, he pulls us to him. Its striking appearance and streamlined aerodynamic shape, Diavel is precisely a modern cruiser, yes, it is a cruise, and not a sports bike, on which you can go on a long journey or ride along city streets with equal pleasure, captivating the eyes of passers-by – after all, in the new look of the Ducati Diavel 2015 just got better.

Ducati Diavel 2015 1

The designers did not begin to do a serious restyling of the appearance, limiting themselves to only a couple of cosmetic nuances, but these nuances also became quite bright. It immediately catches the eye that the Ducati Diavel has acquired LED optics at the front, which are a logical addition to the elegant brake light stripes. The headlight not only shines brighter, but with it the appearance of the motorcycle has become more aggressive. Stylish new additions include a minimalist handlebar fairing and a new double-barreled muffler with wide nozzles. It has become shorter, and the sound produced by it can please fans of loud and effective exhaust.

Ducati Diavel 2015 3

In dealerships, Ducati Diavel is offered in two trim levels, Dark Stealth and Carbon Edition, the latter being significantly more expensive (Russian prices for the new product are not yet known, but in the US the cost of Dark Stealth is $ 17.995, while the Carbon Edition is already asking for $ 20.995). As the name implies, the latest version uses abundantly carbon fiber components, thanks to which the weight of the motorcycle has been reduced by almost 5 kg. At the same time, the weight of the fully fueled Ducati Diavel remained quite impressive – 234 kg.

Dark stealth

However, Italian motorcycle designers would not be Italian if they limited themselves only to light facelifts – they also changed something in the engine. Firstly, the abbreviation DS appeared in the very name of the two-cylinder L-shaped power unit – Testrastretta 11 °, which means nothing more than Dual Spark – two spark plugs per slave cylinder. Thanks to this innovation, the fuel-air mixture ignites and burns faster. The designers placed the nozzles in the immediate vicinity of the inlet valve, due to which the mixture is obtained as rich as possible. In addition, the compression has been increased to 12.5: 1. Thanks to this refinement, the torque increased by 4.5%, while the engine became more responsive at low revs, but its power remained the same – 162 hp.


The rest of the changes are not so significant, but still pleasant – the shape of the seat has changed slightly, making it more comfortable, the fuel level scale has appeared on the on-board computer screen, and the service intervals have increased to 29,000 km.

As before, the Ducati Diavel offers a choice of three riding modes – Urban, Touring or Sport. Urban is ideal for urban travel. At the same time, the proprietary DTC traction control insures all the driver’s actions and does not allow the engine to develop more than 100 horsepower. Even if you completely unscrew the throttle knob, the rear wheel will not slip into a slip either on dry or on wet asphalt. In Touring mode, you can squeeze everything out of the motor, but gradually, not in one gulp, and the system will still make sure that the rotation speeds of the front and rear wheels coincide. You can completely free yourself from the electronic nanny by turning on the Sport, although in this mode the electronics will still discreetly keep an eye on and adjust the rider’s actions. Calling the Ducati Diavel a cruiser doesn’t turn your tongue – this is a full-fledged sports bike capable of shooting forward from a traffic light or making turns on your knee on a race track. Why they decided to classify it as a cruiser is unclear.

ruiser ducati

Fully adjustable suspension at the front is a 50mm Marzocchi DLC fork and a Sachs horizontal mono-shock at the rear. They cope with bumps in the road perfectly. As for the brakes, they work much better than on other cruisers. Brembo calipers in front compress two 320mm discs and are capable of delivering better stopping power than some superbikes. The anti-lock braking system does not allow the wheels to slip into skid, which, however, can be turned off.


At the same time, despite the similarity of individual components to sportbikes, the Ducati Diavel surpasses them many times in terms of comfort. The wide and rather high steering wheel allows you to sit straight and confidently maneuver in dense traffic, your legs are not pinched by anything, and in general, the landing is free. And when combined with a powerful motor and electronics, the ride on this motorcycle leaves the hard-to-convey sensations of serenity that are characteristic of the wealthy inhabitants of Dubai and Monte Carlo.

Ducati Diavel 2015 Specifications:

Number of measures four
Number of cylinders 2
Number of valves per cylinder four
Configuration L-shaped
Working volume 1198 cm³
Bore and Stroke 106 × 67.9 mm
Maximum power 162 h.p. at 9500 rpm
Maximum torque 127 N • m at 8000 rpm
Intake type Injector
Recommended fuel AI-95
Cooling system Liquid
Launch system Electric starter
Transmission type Mechanical
Number of gears 6
Clutch Multi-disc, oil bath
main gear chain
Dimensions and weight
Seat height 770 mm
Wheelbase 1590 mm
Dry weight 210 kg
Fuel tank capacity 17 l
Chassis and brakes
Frame Steel spatial
Front suspension Inverted telescopic fork
Front suspension travel 120 mm
Rear suspension Cantilever swingarm with monoshock
Rear suspension travel 120 mm
Ahead Double disc hydraulic with radial 4-piston calipers
Diameter 330 mm
Behind Disc hydraulic with 2-piston caliper
Diameter 265 mm
Ahead 120/70 ZR17
Behind 240/45 ZR17
Ahead 3.5 × 17
Behind 8 × 17

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