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Guy Martin is a phenomenal person in the world of motorsport. He has already come a long way and continues to move to new heights. Martin, despite his great prospects, did not manage to fully reveal himself in road races, but the Briton realizes himself to the maximum in other directions.

In 2018, Guy Martin bought a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle and has been constantly modifying it since then. The bike has been completely redesigned with one goal in mind – maximum speed and acceleration. A new fairing was made for the motorcycle to effectively cheat air resistance, and the engine underwent major improvements.

Guy Martin is preparing for another record

Going to 300 mph in 1 mile is incredibly difficult. Guy last hit 282 mph before continuing to modify the bike, which produces a crazy 830 hp on the shaft. thanks to the turbocharger.

At the moment, Guy is finishing the preparation of the motorcycle for a new ride and shared some thoughts:
“Just 16 seconds, we’re talking about 16 seconds. Just a gear grinder – trying to control this monster for a mile. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. It’s just madness, struggle in every area, physics, attitude and everything else … I can’t sleep for two days after arrival. 250 mph is ok, but already 260 mph, or even more so 280 mph, keeps me awake. I go on adrenaline for two days. “

We wish Guy the best of luck.

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