Burnt-out Top Mountain Museum Reopens This Year / Motorcycle News / BikePost

The news of the Austrian motorcycle museum Top Mountain burned down at the end of January shocked many. This museum was located at the highest altitude in Europe (2200 meters above sea level), and its exposition included 280 motorcycles and cars. After the fire, not a single one has survived.

According to reports, the exhibits ended up in a fiery hell. By the time the first firefighters arrived, they had saved the 3000 sq.m. complex. it was already impossible. All that was done was to contain the fire on the territory of the museum, preventing it from spreading to the neighboring resort and restaurant. But the owners of the museum, Attila and Alban Schneiber, are already preparing for the return of the museum on Timmelsjoch.

“We want to offer something more than a world of experience, our goal is to present something for non-motorcyclists as well,” declare the Schneibers. “We will have 250 motorcycles that collectors from all over the world have promised us.”

Before the fire, the Schneiber brothers had plans to expand the museum. The drawings prepared for this will be used in the restoration of the complex. Despite the complexity, the brothers’ company has set an ambitious goal for itself – to open by the winter of 2021. Much attention will be paid to safety, so that the new exposition does not suffer the same fate. Taking into account the damage caused by the fire in January 2021, the reconstruction plans should include fire retardant building materials and modern fire extinguishing systems.

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