Compulsory motorcycle inspection may be introduced in Europe (from 2023) / Motonovy / BikePost

The bureaucratic machine is trying in every possible way to control everything!

Since 2014, Europe has been discussing the possibility of introducing a mandatory technical inspection for motorcycles. At the moment, the government is closer than ever to making vehicle inspections mandatory from 2023!

The EU government’s commitment to mandating all countries to carry out mandatory motorcycle inspections is questionable, as there was no documentation that FEMA (Federation of Motorcyclists in Europe) could review to challenge such a useless and suspicious law. Government members have so far referred to the current inspection rules, the low accident rate due to technical problems.

Europe’s Ministry of Transport (MOT) recently announced that inspections would not take place in 2022, which gave the European motorcycle community some hope. FEMA even suggested that they join forces to create the best conditions for meeting the interests of both government and motorcyclists. Unfortunately, at a recent meeting between DGEC (General Directorate of Energy and Climate) and FEMA, a potential partnership did not take place. The Ministries of Transport confirmed that a decree is already being prepared to set the dates and main parameters of the inspections, which will start in 2023!

Typical inspections include undercarriage inspection, audible diagnostics, and emissions testing. It will only take place at certified control stations. At the moment, the exact schedule is unknown.

What is the ultimate goal of the Mandatory Inspection Act? Road safety? Emissions control? Or is it just additional revenue for the government? In any case, there is a lot of activity around problems that probably don’t even exist …

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