In Paris, the maximum speed is reduced to 30 km / h / Motonovy / BikePost

Paris is becoming an increasingly pedestrian-oriented city.

Millions of tourists visit Paris every year. The local government is taking steps to ensure safety and comfort. One of these is the reduction in the speed limit, as the city government increasingly focuses on pedestrians.

The city will set a speed limit of 30 km / h. The limitation is planned for August 2021. The government says that such measures are necessary to reduce the level of accidents and noise pollution, as well as improve the ecology of Paris.

Ultimately, the authorities dream of eradicating the use of motorized vehicles within the city. The mayor of the city, Anne Hidalgo, has promised to reduce the number of parking spaces for cars by 50 percent. In total, there are about 140,000 parking spaces throughout Paris. By the time Mayor Hidalgo’s term ends, only 60,000 will remain, and the rest will be converted into pedestrian zones.

Motorcyclists are pressed in just as much by motorists. By 2022, motorcycle and scooter owners will not be able to park for free and will have to pay for hourly parking. In addition, parking rates will rise dramatically in 2022, and a complete ban on entry to the city center is planned.

The mayor of Hidalgo is strongly criticized for the chosen vector of the city’s development. There are riots on the borders of Paris, since people living in the suburbs cannot live without full-fledged transport – especially those who drive a car or motorcycle to the center to work. The mayor takes the criticism well and continues to work, promising to double the annual costs of cleaning, maintenance and improvement of the city to a record 1 billion euros.

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