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Speeder is a product of the California-based company JetPack Aviation, which is a full-fledged flying motorcycle. The first official tests of the P1.0 version of the vehicle were successful, so the company moved on to the next production version, P1.5.

The flying motorcycle is planned to be released in a small batch of 20 pieces for civilian use, while the main reference point is for the military and public sector.

At the Agility Prime 2020 show, Virtual Trade announced an upcoming release, which attracted investors to the project. Many are interested in what kind of drive is used ?! A turbine, not an electric drive that is fashionable today. At the moment, the batteries are not able to provide even a close level of energy.

SPEEDER will be available in three versions: civilian, military, for delivery. The first will cost approximately $ 380,000. The flying motorcycle weighs 105 kg and can lift up to 320 kg into the air, the maximum speed is 240 km / h. Power reserve up to 22 minutes. The military version will be able to lift up to 550 kg with a power reserve of up to 30 minutes.

The company is now accepting pre-orders for the first 20 units of the civilian version.

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