Kawasaki Vulcan VN1500 Classic – if desired, you can “plug in the belt” of many

I, from the entire line of motorcycles, by type, are most preferable to choppers. These beauties simply attract to themselves, no matter the alteration or the original. I am just drawn to sit on a coca, then a cool chopperok and ride quietly through the vastness of the country, enjoy the ride, the rumbling of the engine, the road (even if it is not very))), and see the landscapes. Subject.!!!

What am I leading to? Today I would like to present you a bike designed for just such a ride. Not just a show-off to beat – like I have a cool chopper and I’m a cool dude (there were such “Bikers”. I got distracted again.

2004 Kawasaki VN 1500 Classic Fi

So, Kawasaki Vulcan VN1500 Classic – the largest of the extensive family of “Volcanoes” It does not hurt the eyes with annoying chrome; strict tones and proportions prevail in its design. And the engine does not pull it under “antiques”, not only in appearance, but also in design. “VN1500 Classic” – a motorcycle for big people both literally and figuratively, this is emphasized by the whole concept of the machine. A wide gas tank, a solid leather seat, deep fenders, everything looks very voluminous, but also does not create a feeling of heaviness and bulkiness.

At first, which is natural, it may seem that such a colossus will cause a lot of inconvenience, but a low center of gravity saves the day. The wide platform footrests and the oversized, “don’t miss” gearshift pedals made a lasting impression. However, the two-shoulder shift pedal is designed for an impressive foot size, and it is comfortable to operate with a toe, just like on conventional motorcycles. The steering wheel feels narrower compared to other brands’ choppers.


The 1.5-liter V-twin is liquid-cooled, with four valves per cylinder, and a carburetor with a forty-millimeter diffuser. The gearbox is interesting, it has only four stages. Rear wheel drive by cardan shaft. The design of the exhaust system is remarkable. Despite its apparent simplicity, it has a very massive resonator hidden under the frame. In Europe, a catalyst is being put in its place. After a few revolutions of the electric starter, an even and low sound is heard, emitted by one and a half liters of displacement in two cylinders, accentuated by a tuned exhaust system. But we have to admit that the requirements for exhaust noise make the designers use the quietest circuits. And in our conditions, it is not a sin to install tuning mufflers, no one will say anything.

Even on a short trip, you can appreciate the beauty of the “Volcano”. Its ergonomics are truly at the highest level. Extremely comfortable fit. Minimal effort on the brake and clutch levers. The massive speedometer, attached to the tank, is equipped with a well-readable scale. Like many other Kawasaki motorcycles, the VN1500 Classic is equipped with an easy neutral search mechanism, the principle of which is that only the first gear is engaged from a standstill.


But the most vivid impressions, of course, remain from the process of movement. The engine installed in the frame on the silent blocks works as if it were alive, and it is difficult to banish the illusion that you seem to feel every stroke of its work. The power unit also reacts interestingly to the opening of the throttle handle, each time as if thinking a little. Acceleration itself is smooth and quite intense, so you cannot have a heavy car in the absence of throttle response – if you wish, you can “plug many people in the belt” on it.

The gearbox deserves a mention – it is a combination of such flexible engine characteristics and such highly “stretched” gear ratios. It was thanks to this that the designers went for such an unusual solution – they limited themselves to four steps. And as a result – when you get to fourth, you don’t have to switch back – the high-torque engine provides complete control over the machine.

Now let’s talk about handling.

There is no “roll-over” effect in corners, the flexibility of the frame is felt less and less, and at low speeds only a long base gives out the size of a motorcycle. But everything cannot be smooth: the front fork “plays” a little on the “VN150Q Classic”. But the rear swingarm is completely devoid of this trouble.

Surprisingly, this motorcycle is not only easy to ride around the city, but it is even quite convenient to do it. And if we draw analogies, then we can say that he floats in the stream of cars, the motorcycle is so soft. But, of course, the true element of the “Volcano” is straight country highways and a speed of up to 120 km / h. Due to its large mass, it perfectly “holds” the road, and a strong side wind is not afraid of it. You get great pleasure from cornering at medium speed. The low center of gravity and wide tires provide a decent lean, and there is no risk of losing control. Even the passenger does not feel discomfort. You can only catch on the asphalt with the footpegs, but they are foldable. Since the topic of the passenger has been touched upon, it should be noted that with the backrest he would feel much more comfortable, so after purchasing a motorcycle, one should think about such a thing. And, in general, he has the broadest possibilities for tuning, there is simply an unthinkable number of “lotions” designed specifically for the “VN1500 Classic”. There would be money. But I think it’s worth it.

A bit of history

In 1996, Kawasaki launched a large touring cruiser Vulcan VN1500 Classic, I am writing about it, which was made on the basis of an earlier version of 1988. Six months later, in November 1996, the motorcycle had an updated gearbox, single-spring valves and a new oil pump. In 1988, significant updates were made to the suspension, and the gearbox was replaced with a five-speed one (before that there were four). In 2002, Classic evolved into Classic Fi, as it was equipped with an electronic fuel injection system. In 2004, the VN1600 replaced the Kawasaki VN1500.

Specifications Kawasaki VN1500 Classic (1996-2004):

• Top speed: 190 km / h
• 400 meters: 15.3 seconds
• Power: 69 HP
• Torque: 112 Nm
• Weight: 292 kg
• Seat height: 700 mm
• Fuel tank: 16 liters
• Average fuel consumption: 6.52 liters per 100 km
• Engine: 1470cc, V-Twin, 8 valves
• Gearbox: 5 gears
• Frame: steel tubular
• Front suspension: non-adjustable
• Rear suspension: adjustable to preload
• Front brake: 300 mm disc
• Rear brake: 270 mm disc
• Front tire: 130/50 x 17
• Rear tire: 150/80 x 16

Well, in principle, the review of the motorcycle can be completed on this note, it seems that I wrote everything I wanted. The bike is chic, although not cheap, but that’s the second question. Classics are classics.

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