Motorcycle Brough Superior SS100 Bert le Vack in honor of the records of Bert le Vac / Motonovy / Bike

British motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior honors history and has developed a very exclusive motorcycle in honor of the legendary Brough Superior SS100 V-Twin that dominated the 1920s.

The company, which is now based in France, has announced the Brough Superior SS100 “Bert le Vack” motorcycle, a tribute to the great man who set records in the 1920s, including the Brough Superior motorcycles.

Brough Superior SS100 Bert le Vack motorcycle in honor of Bert le Vack records

Berthe le Vac is a British motorcycle racer, engineer and daredevil. In the 1920s, Le Vac set nine speed records. In the Brough Superior, he hit 119.05 mph in Arpageon, France. Bert was an outstanding man who many manufacturers dreamed of recruiting. He had talents not only for speed, but also for tuning, engineering. Bert Le Vac had a hand in the development of the 986cc V-twin Brough Superior. Unfortunately, at the age of 43, Bert died racing in Switzerland.

Brough Superior SS100 Bert le Vack motorcycle in honor of Bert le Vack records

Brough Superior released its modern SS100 counterpart in 2016. The new bike has a lot in common with it. It is equipped with a 997cc 90-degree V-twin with 100 hp, twin brakes, titanium tank ties. The motorcycle is finished in matt titanium gray.

A total of nine copies will be released in honor of Berthe le Vac’s nine records. Deliveries are expected in mid-2021.

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