Motorcycle Touring FAQ

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Why would I want to take a guided tour instead of riding on my own?

When you’re planning a trip on your own it can take several months in advance to research where the best scenic roads, places to stay or eating establishments are, in areas that you are unfamiliar with. Also, it can be difficult to know where to get gas when riding in remote areas especially when you miss that last gas stop when you're low and the next stop is further than your reserve allows. There are also the quaint hotels/motels, great eateries, and unusual attractions that might be missed not knowing the area.

There are benefits to riding on a guided tour, like the research which is done for you in advance. All you have to do is ride and enjoy your time on your bike without the hassle. We work hard to find the best roads, lodging facilities that are biker-friendly, and those out-of-the-way gas stops and attractions. We know how riding can be a truly wonderful experience when you’re on your own, doing your own thing, but touring with our group gives you a chance to see the sights without looking at the maps or being misguided using GPS especially in remote areas, enjoying a great meal without needing to ask anyone where the good food is, finding that last gas station and not missing that great scenic overlook or attraction. You’ll also get a chance to meet other riding enthusiasts like yourself who are there for the ride and the fun, and not for the worries about all the details.

What are the roads like on your tours?

MRT tour guides love motorcycle roads with great scenery and little, if any traffic. We try to find roads that are in decent, if not great condition with twists and turns and ribbon-like curves. We don’t like heavy traffic, so we try to find routes that take you on paved country back roads, in and around towns that are quaint and interesting.

Some of the roads we ride on are Historic State Highways, where heavy traffic is unavoidable due to the popularity of an area or if a tour falls on a Holiday Weekend. There are those unavoidable times when we do get caught in some traffic due to the starting/ending points, toll roads, road construction, entrances into popular sites, land barges that won’t pull over on a two-lane road, etc. and even an occasional cattle drive in the spring and fall seasons. We try our hardest to research areas in advance to be able to get around a heavy traffic area, when applicable.

How many bikes are allowed on the tours?

There is a maximum of ten bikes allowed on our Packaged Tours, which includes the tour guides.  Our Weekend Day Tours and Custom Tours have had larger numbers of riders for special group events. We have also had smaller groups on our Weekend Day Tours, so it depends on the number of riders who register. MRT can allow for extra or fewer bikes depending on tour selection. Contact us if you have any questions.

Do I have to ride with the group or can I ride on my own on the tour?

MRT allows you to do either on the Packaged or Custom Tours. Once your tour is paid in full, we provide you maps, information guide and itinerary for times where and when to meet for the ride, lodging info. and meal locations. The only downside if you don’t ride with the group on Custom Tours that provide gas as part of the tour, the gas will not be covered. If the cost of gas is included in the price of the tour, we suggest that participants ride with the group to maximize the full benefits of that particular tour.

If you want to ride on your own after the last gas stop for the day, you will have maps to get you around and back to the hotel so you can set out on your own pace and meet back with the group for dinner. Just let one of the tour guides know in advance. On Weekend Day Tours we recommend staying with the group for the lunch stop.

What happens if I’m late to a planned meal?

Because these meals are included in the tour price, we encourage everyone to read the Day’s Itinerary that you receive. It’ll let you know when the meal time takes place so there won’t be a chance for you to be late. Sorry, if you do miss a planned meal due to a mechanical breakdown, or if you ride on your own, you will forfeit the meal and the cost. Refer to the Terms and Agreements.

What if I’ll be traveling for the summer with luggage, but want to also rent a motorcycle and book on one of your tours?  What do I do with the luggage?

Before you book a tour, contact one of the motorcycle rental companies in advance and see if they can secure your luggage while you are on the tour. There may also be airport lockers that can be utilized if you fly into the area where you pick up the motorcycle. 

You can also check with the hotel where you’ll be staying before the tour begins and see if they have a way of holding your luggage for you until you return from the tour, granted you’ll probably need to book a room with them after you return from the tour. Check with the airport, hotel or individual rental facility well in advance. We suggest bringing only the necessary items needed for the tour and having someone back home ship or mail out the remainder of your luggage once the tour ends to a specific location so you can continue on with your vacation.

Do you have a Chase Vehicle/Trailer setup for your tours?

We can provide a Chase Vehicle/Trailer for an additional cost. Otherwise we do not use one. We offer you a Supplemental Towing for any breakdowns or mishaps. You can review the Terms, Agreements, and Registration regarding towing.

What if I have a spouse or a friend that wants to come on a tour but doesn’t ride. Can you accomodate them?

Yes. We can suggest using a car rental company in the area where the tour begins, or they can drive their own vehicle. If you rent or bring your own car, you will be responsible for the gas for that vehicle and any fees associated with the rental and or breakdowns/mishaps. MRT only pays for the gas used by the motorcycles during Custom Tours, if applicable.

They would be able to follow behind the group during the tour or they can go off on their own using our route maps and meet up at the end of the day. They would need to register the same as a passenger on a motorcycle. They will also need to comply with the Terms, Agreements, and sign the Waiver & Release before the tour. You would also need to let us know in advance, if this situation happens.

How many miles do you ride on these tours?

We want everyone to feel like they have put in a long ride, but these tours aren't meant to be an Iron Butt event. It can vary depending on the tour. We like to ride somewhere between 180 and 300 miles a day. Not everyone wants to ride without stopping to check out the views, attractions, and quaint towns. We don’t hang around for too long which means you will get in a good day’s ride.

Our tour group is about giving the rider a sense of adventure where they can stop and smell the roses, as it may. You pay for fun and good riding and that is what we strive to give you. We start out early enough for a good day’s ride and return so that there is time for relaxing before dinner which is usually at 7:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Are there other types of activities planned during the tours?

During some of our Packaged Tours and Weekend Day Tours other activities might be planned. This may include a Casino stop, Cave exploring, Museum stop, Winery tour, Sightseeing tour, etc.  These are meant to be an added bonus to your Riding Adventure! MRT also provides additional activities on our Custom Tours. Review that webpage for information or contact us for a particular activity you may want to have added.

Can we drink any alcohol on these tours?

Sure you can, after the day’s ride and the bikes are tucked in for the night. We want all our guests to have a good time. Only while riding during the tour do we restrict alcoholic beverages. We try to book our Packaged and Custom Tours where the facility either has their own bar or there is a bar within walking distance. We value your safety as well as ours when riding.

What if I have certain food allergies?

We will make every effort to work with you and the food facility regarding your dietary needs. Let us know in advance of the tour of your special needs.

Can I bring along a pet who rides?

Sorry, no pets are allowed on any of our tours. They require special needs and there is a question of safety while riding in a group, and facilities where we book don’t always allow for pets.