Motorcycles are finally banned from Pikes Peak / MotoNews / BikePost

In 2019, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb announced the cancellation of all motorcycle categories due to the death of Carlin Dunn. The mountain trail with 156 turns is too dangerous for motorcyclists.

For two years, options were considered to return the motorcycles to Pikes Peak, but the organizers came to the only decision according to which the motorcycles were permanently excluded from the Race to the Clouds.

“Motorcycle races have been held since 1916. Some of the events were spectacular, while others were tragic. For both fans and members “… – said Fred Veitch, interim chairman of the board of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. – “A difficult decision that took a long time, but we think it was the right one. It meets the interests of the organization at the moment. “

Ultimately, the solution is predictable, since the security issue has been discussed for many years. Initially, the track was unpaved, but then asphalt was laid, and the speeds increased significantly. And not only because of the asphalt, since motorcycles have evolved a lot, the power exceeded 200+ hp.

Unlike the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man, the Pikes Peak organization has always left a lot to be desired. There was a shortage of trained personnel, and the riders did not always fully realize the danger of the track, as well as the fans who allow themselves to run across the track.

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