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In terms of equipment, motorcyclists are divided roughly into two categories. The former prefer a T-shirt, shorts and glasses, while the latter prefer certified equipment. Motorcycle helmets have long become mandatory in many countries around the world, but the Spanish government has gone further and obliges motorcyclists to wear gloves without fail. In France, this has been working correctly since 2017.

The first offer appeared in July 2019. More than 350 motorcyclists have died on Spanish roads in 2018, prompting a debate to lower the statistics. Initially focused on safety vests, wanted to make them mandatory, but it all came down to the mandatory wearing of gloves. In December 2020, the shipping agency announced a new glove law.

The law comes into force in 2021. Not all materials and manufacturers are suitable. Wool, denim, fine leather and nylon gloves do not meet DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) standards. Gloves should be made of thick leather, leatherette, Kevlar or similar material that is resistant to heat and abrasion.

Why gloves?

“At the time of the accident, the motorcyclist instinctively puts his hands up so as not to hit, so this part of the body gets damaged more and more often.”… – said – Montserrat Perez.

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