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Norton Motorcycles has been hit hard in the past year. There was a big scandal and a change of owners. The Indian manufacturer TVS has bought the assets of the bankrupt British motorcycle manufacturer and is investing in its restoration without changing the ideology of the brand.

Norton CEO John Russell mentioned that the company needs a new facility without any compromise, otherwise it will not see success. No sooner said than done!

The new owners of Norton are pouring serious capital into the British brand to accelerate the recovery and development process to the required level, since Norton is in no way inferior in cult to Triumph, for example. Financial support from TVS has allowed the construction of a new production facility, which is scheduled to be commissioned in March this year.

Norton plans to use this facility for the foreseeable future for all major operations, not just manufacturing. The development, planning, design, discussion and birth of new concepts will be carried out at this facility. All development and production processes under one roof must unite the company and direct it in the right direction.

At the moment, the task is to revive the production of Commando Classic in order to fulfill the old orders that the past management owes.

Norton Motorcycles' new facility is almost ready to openNorton Motorcycles' new facility is almost ready to open

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