New US President Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a well-known car fanatic, but he is also into motorcycles.

We are not going to stoop to dirty, yellow-political discussions in this post, and, moreover, we urge you not to do this in the comments.

Joe loves fast cars. It’s no secret that he has a special passion for Corvette cars. In 2014, this was one of the reasons not to run for president. Joe then stated: “There are many reasons to run for president, but there is only one good reason not to. I prefer the Corvette Z06 with acceleration to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds. “ – Biden is very proud of his 1967 Corvette Stingray.

In 2015, Joe saddled a bike to join Governor Cuomo and Billy Joel on the 9/11 Memorial Run. Joe then gave an interview and stated that he regretted not being able to constantly ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, as his security service would not allow him.

John, despite his passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, is not strictly a fan of Milwaukee bikes. In 2018, Biden posed for a Suzuki Hayabusa as part of a fundraising event.

In 2019, one of the publications wrote a comic article that Joe Biden was re-starting his pre-election Harley with a fiery color, in which he allegedly won the race in 1981 against the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Type O’Neill. The article was, of course, a fake, but a very funny analogy.

How will the 46th president affect the motorcycle industry? In early 2020, Joe visited the National Moto Museum, which means motorcycles take some place in his mind …

New US President Joe Biden is a bikerNew US President Joe Biden is a biker

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