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Ohvale is one of the most popular brands in the world of mini-moto racing. The Italian firm broke into the market and quickly took on a fundamental position, not only of choice for young riders.

The popularity is obvious, as Ohvale offered a ready-made package, since it used to be based on the Honda Grom or cheaper off-road counterparts. Anyone serious about developing their kart racing skills should take a look at the Ohvale GP-0 190.

All Ohvale GP-0 minibikes have one important feature: they are really very small, as they are designed for the younger generation of riders. The developers of the GP-0 probably did not expect such a success among the adult audience.

The new Ohvale GP-0 190 minibike was released specifically for adults. Faster, larger racing mini-moto.

Ohvale GP-2 with 12-inch wheels


  • dimensions: 1397 x 110 x 127 mm
  • wheels: 12-inch with Pirelli tires
  • engine: Daytona 190
  • power: 20 HP
  • box: 4 gears
  • frame: steel, lattice
  • pendulum: aluminum
  • weight: 71 kg
  • price: from 6 499 dollars

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