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The iconic British motorcycle brand is reviving and is about to restore production. Indian billionaire and Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra has revealed his plans for the future of the Birmingham Small Arms brand. The new motorcycles will be partially electric.

The Mahindra Group is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world, bought by BSA in 2016. Until now, there has been practically no news on this topic. The new plan calls for the rollout of a new facility in Oxford and the release of two new models next year. The first motorcycle will be equipped with an internal combustion engine, the second one will be electric.

Rebirth of BSA

This news makes a lot of sense. First, Mahindra has a successful track record of reviving iconic brands. Over the past years, they have managed to revitalize the Czech motorcycle brand Jawa. Secondly, the decision to set up production in the UK is quite reasonable, since it will be difficult for potential customers to understand if the BSA is suddenly produced somewhere overseas in India or China.

We will try to follow the further development of BSA. It is always nice to see the continuation of the history of famous brands that do not become forgotten forever.

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