RIMS Racing – a new generation motor simulator (trailer) / Moto news / BikePost

Italian game studio Raceward Studios is working on a new brainchild of RIMS Racing. This simulator is expected to be a completely new generation and will take the immersion level to the next level.

From the press release:
“Players will be able to completely disassemble their motorcycle, swap / replace every component to achieve the best possible customization. More than 500 official components: tires, discs, calipers, pads, suspensions, springs, air filters, exhaust systems, brakes, clutches, fluids, fairings and much more. “

In addition, players will have access to most of the modern race tracks as well as some of the iconic tracks. Modern visual effects will be provided by the Kylotonn engine.

RIMS Racing promises to be the first motorcycle simulator that combines the realism of racing with engineering and mechanics. The idea is to maximize performance by tuning the bike.

Release date: 19 August.
Platforms: Consoles and PCs.

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