“Ural Solo-Classic” undoubtedly deserves to get to know it better

“URAL Solo-classic” – a motorcycle with this name replaced the “Solo” model in 2005. This motorcycle was significantly changed in contrast to the previous one, which has not finally ceased to be produced until now.

What new and interesting things did the residents of Irbit do?

Ural Solo Classic 2

Year of release 2005; Engine 4T, 750 cm / cc; Power 40 HP ; Weight 215 kg; The maximum speed is 140 km / h.

The 2005 Solo Classic will surprise you with its rich color and a good balance of painted and chrome-plated details. Looks respectable – as befits a classic motorcycle. But the appearance of devices of this class, at least for many fans of the “genre”, is perhaps more important than the dynamic and driving characteristics. A classic fit and a low straight steering wheel, a front disc hydraulic brake, modern optics of the European standard, an electric starter and two pairs of safety arches allow it to be effectively operated even in rather aggressive conditions of a big city.

The most interesting question – does the oil flow ?! The guy who tested one of these motorcycles for himself writes an interesting fact – the oil does not flow out of nowhere !!! Maybe you got a good model or just a new one. Although the new Urals also give “leaks”. This is the eternal sore of these motorcycles. Maybe you got lucky!

But we will not get hung up and continue the review. There is no need to open a petrol crane (imported), it is an automatic machine. Pulled out enrichment fungi from Keihin carburetors. I pressed the starter button (all controls on the steering wheel are also imported) – the engine came to life, announcing the space with a bass exhaust. Bigger by a hundred “cubes” than the previous, 750-cc engine and its appendage – the new muffler enriched the exhaust with a low register of solidity. It is quite possible that connoisseurs of the classics will approve. After all, who does not like the bass exhaust on a bike, not counting the fans of “Sportikov”.

Ural Solo-classic 5

What did the additional “cubes” give? The increase in the volume of the cylinders for some reason did not bring an increase in power. But as soon as you get under way, you will notice that the spindle is easy to accelerate, not strained, as if the engine has not 40 “fillies”, but all 60.
One of the advantages of the opozit scheme (though not the main thing, but still …) is the ability to place the driver’s saddle lower. This is so that in the “stop” position, rest on the ground with all your feet, and not with your toes – so it is more convenient to keep a rather heavy apparatus in balance: if with gasoline, then this is all 230 kg …

The gear is switched on easily – without the clang, rumble and rattle characteristic of the former “Ural” opposites.
After the start, the feeling of the “heaviness” of the motorcycle immediately disappears. The steering wheel is not high – like that of the “Wolf”, it is wide enough – with such confidence you maneuver at low speed .. As the acceleration progresses, the stability of the motorcycle increases.
At speeds over a hundred, the wheels do not hit. We all know very well the chronic ailments of Ural. So the wheels always “beat”. But at last they began to balance them at the plant. Have they really started to think more modernly and pay attention to everything? and not as before – just to quickly stamp it in order to enter the plan.
But how not to twist somewhere that something will be wrong all the same – in the corners you can feel a slight tremor. What is the reason: the rear of the motorcycle is somehow light, unloaded, or something. On rough roads, when not the most sensitive shock absorbers (although they are better than those that were installed on previous models) do not “track” every bump, it seems that the “classic” blows away from the trajectory. But this “side” can be corrected by installing a proprietary, softer rubber. Of course you will get money, but the ride will be more comfortable.

motorcycle Ural Solo-classic Tank – “droplet” – its appearance, I think, will rejoice more than one admirer of the classics, when it is very difficult to get such a tank (especially in the outback), and then also “shamanize” as it should be. They come across, but mostly old ones. Will surely spill oil on the soul of motorcycle antiques. The cap on top of the neck is also of a new design, it is sealed. The drain tube is sticking out from the bottom. But the rubber hose relying on to wei is not put on. It turns out that the bundle is not provided.
And more about the configuration. Residents of Irbit are either too confident in the “inviolability” of the motorcycle, or have forgotten that it is advisable to put the tool on individuals – you never know what will happen on the road. Moreover, in all honesty, no matter how hard they try, the Ural is not as reliable as the Japanese or the bikes of other motorcycle giants. – NO SPACE FOR TOOLS. But the tire pump is fixed in the most conspicuous place. Why the heck is he there? especially since he is not cool and spoils the vidos.


1.The dashboard looks rustic. The fuse box is hidden under the rectangular cover. 2.Switches are convenient, looks stylish. 3.500 watt generator from Denso is a guarantee of uninterrupted power supply.

If we compare “Solo-classic” with brother “Wolf” (such a comparison suggests itself), then they have a lot of differences. “Classic” without chopner bells and whistles such as outboard footrests, double pedals, wide rear wheel. It is more modest in appearance and better suited for driving. The wide rear wing protects from dirt, the arches protect from bruises and abrasions in accidental falls. The passenger will appreciate the comfortable seat and reliable handles (as for the “Wolf”, it is generally unclear what to hold on to “number two”). The center stand is well balanced, which means that the driver is quite capable of dragging a motorcycle onto it without assistance. True, if he manages to “open” it: there is no support for which the stand can be picked up with a foot. But in this respect, the “classic” does not lose to the “Wolf” – that emphasis also does not. He is a classic and should be a classic in principle. This is what they achieved.

The characteristics of the front fork are perfectly matched (it is from the Italian company Paioli)! But the back is too stiff. However, no more can be expected from the classic short-stroke suspension with two shock absorbers. This is despite the fact that the unit was specially designed by the Plaza company – the best domestic company for the production of car suspensions. Plus, the rear shock springs squeak. Maybe if you put the passenger in, everything will disappear and the rider will be more comfortable)))))))

The brakes cannot be compared with those that were at the “economic councils”. The front Brembo, even in a single-disc design, copes with its task. The rear one remains drum (the “Wolf” has a disc), but considering that oil does not flow from the axle to the pads (again: hurray!), Nothing slippery gets into the brake drum, its efficiency is quite enough.
The gearbox works surprisingly well. But the manufacturer failed to completely get rid of all the previous shortcomings: the shift lever has an excessively long stroke. The fifth speed did not appear in the checkpoint. As compensation – a lever for quickly engaging the neutral, as well as the reverse gear inherited from the “economic councils”. On a “single”, both options are not superfluous: while standing at a traffic light, it is more convenient to press the lever on the right side of the gearbox with your hand once, than to “trample” the shift pedal in search of neutral. And reverse gear makes life easier when parking in tight spaces or when you need to reverse the motorcycle uphill.


1. Incredible, but true: this is “Ural”, but the engine sump without oil leaks. 2. Lever for reverse and manual neutral.

The seats on the motorcycle, oddly enough, were nevertheless found comfortable – after a few hours of riding, the rider does not get tired, which means a lot.

Ural Solo Classic 2005

As a result, we can say that the bike turned out to be quite good for lovers of the classic opposing. If you do not have enough money for a good foreign bike – “Ural Solo-Classic” is a pretty good option, especially since the Irbit people try to improve all the characteristics at least somehow. I would not disdain such a classic (and this is not as an advertisement). Beautiful classic boxer.

Intense traction at the “bottom” gives a confident ride in top gear – with this engine, the driver will not feel defective in the traffic flow. Distinctive exhaust sound confirms this is a serious motorcycle
The cardan transmission used here is as reliable as possible. The front rubber clutch raises concerns. The designed reverse gear makes it easier for the driver to maneuver in confined spaces.
Weighted front fork performance. The rear suspension is too stiff. The stock tires are also harsh.
You can’t do “stop” with them, but they are capable of adequately stopping the apparatus. The rear brake starts to work in full force after the first few hundred kilometers, when the pads are rubbed
At low and medium speeds, it is quite satisfactory. When riding fast alone, the rear end of the motorcycle is obviously “unloaded”
The driver is seated spaciously, the fit is straight, the saddle is comfortable. Riding with a passenger makes the ride more comfortable.
Although the second room serves as a useful ballast, he himself is quite comfortable to sit; there is something to hold on to, the saddle cushion is quite comfortable, soft
The clutch release is easy. The rear brake pedal is conveniently located. The handles are ergonomic, the switches and buttons on the steering wheel are stylish and at the same time comfortable The dashboard looks rustic.
The tachometer is not inscribed by the designers in the look of the “classic”. Housings of “flashing lights” are somewhat simple-minded and do not harmonize with the strict appearance of the entire motorcycle.

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